Dear Customer,
We would like you to take note of the important information below relative to measuring the feet in order to be able to choose the correct shoe size. The different shoe models fit differently depending on the sole, the shape and the materials used to produce them. For this reason, a specific system has been set up for each individual model of Lelli Kelly shoes.

In order to choose the correct size, the foot must be measured following the simple instructions below:

1) Take a sheet of plain white paper and place it on the floor. Place the foot on it, being careful that it is well extended and adherent to the sheet in every portion.

2) With a pen or a marker, set the extremities of the foot by marking the paper at the end of the heel and at the end of the big toe.

3) With a meter tape, measure the distance between the two marks: this is the length of the foot.


4) Repeat the operation with the other foot because, often, the feet are not of the same exact length. In this case, the size to consider is the one belonging to the longer foot.

5) On the size table, look for the size closest to the one obtained by your measurements. If the size in centimetres of your foot does not correspond exactly to the size in centimetres of the table, choose the larger size in centimetres and select the corresponding shoe size.


6) In this way, you have made a well-considered purchase from the point of view of foot size.

Please bear in mind that it is possible that the same foot fits different sizes depending on the different models due to the reasons explained above.