Sparkly Shoes

The “Sparkly Shoes” line is Lelli Kelly’s iconic product and represents the emblem of the unique aesthetic that has made the brand famous on an international level. They are “jewel shoes” embellished with a seemingly infinite number of hand-sewn decorations: an irresistible waterfall of beads, rhinestones and sequins in a thousand colours gives life to stunning designs and patterns. Each individual shoe is handcrafted and unique, thanks to Lelli Kelly’s exclusive manufacturing techniques developed over several years.


Something of Interest

The decorations are sewn on using extra-strong nylon threads and special techniques in order to ensure an extraordinary durability, so much so that “Sparkly Shoes” are even machine washable (we recommend following the instructions on the hangtag). Hence, in addition to their unmistakable aesthetic, Lelli Kelly “Sparkly Shoes” are also unique from a technical and production perspective.

Exclusive Embroidery for a Unique Look

Sparkly Shoes Lelli KellySparkly Shoes Lelli Kelly