Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings”, the exclusive winged boots by Lelli Kelly, will make every girl’s winter outfit fly high as if on the wings of a marvellous fairy!

The special decoration in the shape of glittered wings featuring a sparkling glitter-effect upper characterizes “Fairy Wings” boots.

The “Fairy Wings” line by Lelli Kelly unites design and quality - features that have always distinguished the Italian brand - with comfort and easy wear: the wings are removable and can be replaced with pretty butterflies, for mini fashionistas who favour a more minimalist look.

Fairy Wings” are the boots suitable for every occasion, since - in perfect Lelli Kelly style - they meet the fashion tastes of girls as well as the needs of mothers.

Enter Lelli Kelly’s Enchanted Forest… with Lelli Kelly Fairy Wings!

Fairy Wings Lelli Kelly
Fairy Wings Lelli Kelly